At the Richelieu forum of public service “The Architecture of the New Model of Public Service”, participants will have the opportunity to discuss current issues and work out practical steps regarding:

  • implementation of the latest effective human resources management tools, adaptation of HR-procedures to the conditions of war and post-war recovery of state;
  • new approaches to organizing the work of public servants;
  • digitalization tools;
  • introduction of a new model of remuneration;
  • formation of a system of values and attitudes of a public servant in new conditions, analysis of the impact of war and the culture of public service;
  • formation of the brand of the state as an employer, rethinking the role and potential of professional and motivated youth in public service;
  • acquisition of new competencies by public servants, including improving knowledge of the English language as an official business language;
  • overcoming the negative effects of the war on public servants, strengthening their capacity and professionalism in providing services to citizens who have experienced aggression;
  • strengthening the institutional capacity of state authorities in the field of European integration.